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Bitch mode activate by AestheticTotemStamp by AestheticTotem


Digital art (fully shaded+bg)
I am what you believe to be by AestheticTotem
Watching the storm by AestheticTotem
Town of Revius AU: Blackmailed by AestheticTotem
*note me before you commission me*

A fully shaded digital piece of art, including bg. 
Please provide a ref with a general idea of what you want to see.
'gray' traditional art
Mercenary of the end by AestheticTotem
Nightmare the Illiterate by AestheticTotem
15LJ!Novella by AestheticTotem
*note me before you commission me*

A piece of traditional art entirely done with graphite pencils.
Please provide a ref sheet and a general idea of what you want to see.
Shipping icons
TribalBug icon by AestheticTotem
Faithchain Icon by AestheticTotem
Butterflyscars Icon by AestheticTotem
*note me before you commission me*

An icon dedicated to a shipping, the examples above are 'TribalBug', 'FaithChain' and 'ButterflyScars'

Please provide a shipping name or a few features of the characters in the ship. I may want to know a few features I should add in the icon (like the chain in the faithchain one or the three scars behind the butterfly one)
Chibi style 2
hug me by AestheticTotem
Gamemaster chibi by AestheticTotem
The magician chibi by AestheticTotem

The diffrence with Chibi style 1 are the eyes, which are much more simple, but occasionally cuter!

please provide a ref for the character i should chibify
Chibi style 1
Why did they forget about me? by AestheticTotem
left behind by AestheticTotem
Dan by AestheticTotem

The diffrence with chibi style 2 are the eyes, which are more detailed, but not always seen as cute.

please provide a ref for the character I should chibify

I'm going to write down 5 random facts about me

    1. I am far more perverted than I show on DA
Mainly because my smut's not good enough for this place yet ewe

    2. Reality and internet need to be seperated in my opinion.
This will need some explaining. When I meet someone IRL I do not actively seek them out on the internet. I'll watch them on DA, and talk to them on skype, but not really all that active. WHen I meet someone on the internet I will debathe whether I actually want to meet them IRL or not. Mure often than not I DO NOT want to meet them, and that's mainly because of the next fact.

   3. I'm really not that good of a friend.
I like giving advice, I like acting kind, I like social interaction, but I do those things so little that not many people I meet IRL deem me a 'valuable' friend. It even came to a point where a mother of a friend told me that friend didn't really want to talk to me anymore since I always talked about the same thnigs and barely did anything new or exciting. I personally understand that, but PLEASE say it to my face instead of sending someone else to bring the message over. The only reason why I appear so good on the internet is because I'm quite open about myself and if someone would actually talk to me on here I'd try to act friendly.

   4. I explain a lot of things with a lot of words
*see previous fact*

   5. My hair is the one thing which needs to look at least a little good about me (and be extremely soft).
I won't flip my shitzu when it won't look good, but I'll be a bit peeved about it. I do like to have soft hair, mainly because it FEELS SO FLUFFY~! I used to not comb my hair and basically screw taking care of it, and that ended up not working out TOO well >_>


hey it's me
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You Scored as The Star
Divinatory Meaning: Realization, Hope, Inspiration. Reverse Meaning: A false sense of security. You are an optimist at heart. Your ability to have faith in others is a primary reason why some people mistake you as naive. You're charismatic personality inspires many...and even you have no clue just how strong your influence is on other people.

What ATB saint are you?
Are you a Helix or a Felix?

(this is something i use to generate shipping names)
(and this is something i use for character names)
(just in case i need speedpaint music)…

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kaloeha Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2015

Carbonated-Wrath Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
That moment where you're going through YouTube and you find a song that you think fits an OC great.
Like, bro, imagine this song with some sort of AU!Kelvin where he's royalty
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Carbonated-Wrath Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
*Limps into your comments, looking deprived and desperate* Dannnnnnaaaaaaaaa, please pllleeeaaaaaasssssse can we note RP???? Q_Q
And a bunch of kids in class are being little butts to the teacher //blarg
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Skythewolfdog9 Featured By Owner May 24, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the watch :)
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kaloeha Featured By Owner May 15, 2015

Kelvin, what WOULD happen if you would find yourself to be a human...? I mean, we know what you'd look like (town of Revius appearance PLZ), but what would happen? and what would be an awkward thing to come out of it?
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