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It was another lousy day in Scarecrow forest. Or at least, I thought it was. The voiceless singer had grown restless again, Sir Painting was cleaning his house in the center of the forest, and I had nothing to do, as usual. The goddess of darkness said that soon we'd be able to expect a new inhabitant of this forest, but to be honest, I hope that's a lie. No one should have to suffer from this forest, it's just so boring and dull here!

I just thought about that, when a letter landed right in front of me. 'must've been the message pigeon' I thought. I knew that only one person in this whole forest could send letters to others in this way, and it was better not to piss this person of....

With a sigh i opened the letter.

As you all know, i said that we might be expecting a new inhabitant of this forest. Today she arrived, so come to the clearing at once to meet her.


So it was a girl who was going to live here? She'd be the first girl (Aside from Dayla, that is. And Dayla is almost never around in the first place) that lives here. I hope voiceless wouldn't try anything funny on her. Last time he tried to make Dayla go to bed with him. I started to make my way over to the clearing, better get this over with.

I guess i was one of the last ones to arrive at the clearing. Voiceless was already there, and so was Sir Painting (how a guy who only has an upper body and has to crawl to move forward was quicker than me is beyond me). "Good day" Sir Painting said "I say, you're rather late". "I bet he was fantasizing over the new girl" Voiceless said without saying anything (He has a way of putting thoughts into your head, so basically if you suddenly hear a deep voice in your head, it is probably him talking to you). "Oh do shut up" I said. I felt a headache comming, and it probably came from both Voiceless and Sir Painting. "Let's just get this over with" I said. I never really liked meeting new people (If you'd be able to call us people....) and I prefered to stay alone.

Right at that moment, Dayla entered the clearing with a girl with long caramel colored hair next to her. The girl's eyes were a beautifull color, somewhere in between of green and blue, but they looked empty. Not that that was unusual, she was probably dead.

There's probably something I should explain about Scarecrow forest. You can only live here if you died and have taken revenge on the person who either killed you or made your life so misserable that you comitted suicide. From the looks of it this girl had comitted suicide.

Now that i took a closer look at her, I noticed that her eyes looked even emptier than most of our eyes. She had probably seen some things she wished she haden't. She also had a bloody patch on her top. Probably a reminder of what she had done.

"Listen up" Dayla spoke "From this day onward, this girl is living with us. Be kind towards her, for bullying can trigger her....alternate self....". I nodded. This wouldn't be to dificult for me, after all, I probably wouldn't see her much. "You can go talk to them" Dayla said, before taking a few steps backwards.

The girl just stood there, unsure of what to do. To be honest, now that I look back on it, we didn't know what to do either. Eventually Sir Painting crawled over to the girl. "Welcome to Scarecrow forest" He said while adjusting his monocle "My name, is Charles Harveworth, but I go by 'Sir Painting' these days.". The girl smiled, but it seemed forced. "Nice meeting you" She said. I had to admit that her voice sounded very pleasant. "My name's Marink-". "You're The Tormented now" Dayla interupted. "oh....right...' The girl (Now named The Tormented) said. She didn't seem to like her new name. Good thing no one liked the names Dayla gave them.

Next up was Voiceless Singer. He bowed before The Tormented. He grinned up at her and I could see that she had an expression of shock on her face, which she quickly hid. I wonder what Voiceless said this time.

I took a step forward and introduced myself to her. "My name's long forgotten" I said "But I'm refered to as the Glass Servant.". "Nice to meet you" she said smiling a smile that seemed slightly less forced and almost a bit relieved.

Later, after Dayla left, we all went back to our respected homes. I wondered for a moment where The Tormented would sleep tonight. But I quickly shook of that thought. She'd find a place to stay.

Later that night, it started raining. At first, i didn't pay any attention to it, but then my thought started going back to The Tormented. I sighed, I really shouldn't be thinking about anyone but myself. Right as I thought that, I heard someone knock on my door. I sighed, it was probably Voiceless. However, when i opened the door, it wasn't the voiceless standing these. In fact, it were Dayla and The Tormented. Dayla had an umbrella, but she somehow refused to share it with The Tormented, that much was evident from the fact that The Tormented was dripping wet. "She didn't find a place to stay yet." Dayla answerd my unasked question "She's going to stay with you until she finds a residence, and if you truely want to be alone, you'll help her find one." With that Dayla turned around and left.

We stood there for a few moments. The Tormented looked down at the ground and I was trying not to stare at her. After a while she raised her head and asked: "C-can I come in? It's freezing out here." She tried to smile, but it seemed forced again. "You don't have to smile if you don't feel like it." I said while moving aside so that she could enter. The smile slowly faded from her face. "I know" she said while entering my house.

My house isn't anything special, just a wooden hut in the middle of the forest. There are several rooms in it, but there isn't much furniture. In the 'living room' there's a couch and a coffee table. In the 'bedrooms' (there are only two of them in my house) there are only mmattresses lying on the floor. It isn't much, but it's home.

"Your house looks cosy" The Tormented said once she was inside. I wanted to tell her that she didn't have to lie around me, but then i noticed her eyes had a distant look in them, as if she was trying to remember something. "You okay?" I asked, not becaue I was worried, but because I didn't want her to snap in my house. People who just died tended to be unstable. "I'm fine" she said, but her voice had a cold edge.

I sighed, and put my arms around her. She gasped, but before she could say anything, I said: "You look like you need a hug". That seemed to do the trick, she hugged me back, and I could feel that she was trying to hold back tears. I started rubbing circles acros her back. Maybe she and I could become friends.

She'd be my first friend.

The next day we set out to look for a place where The tormented could live. There were many areas in this forest which weren't seen by anyone yet, so the chance that there would be an empty house standing there was big. After about four hours we finally found a small house in the middle of a clearing. After some exploration we discovered that it was indeed empty. "You can live here" I said "If you need help, just come over to my house.". "Okay" The Tormented said smiling.

I walked away with a smile on my face. I was the first one who saw a sincere smile on her face.

As the time passed, The Tormented and i became the best of friends. We did pretty much everything together. We even went to explore dangerous, uncharted parts of the forest. Not that I didn't enjoy it, I just wished we didn't have to run for our lives every day.

The Tormented actually was quite the shy and insecure, which made her an easy target for the Voiceless Singer. He began to harass her, and she often got angry at him. So angry, that they would often fight. She never won though, and always came crawling to me for help. "This has to stop" I told her. They would probably still be fighting if i haden't 'comfronted' Voiceless...

That 'comfrontation' turned into a fight, but in the end I still won. "Leave. her. alone" I said to him, making sure that he'd know that if he ever messed with her again it would have dire consequences for him. I saw in his eyes that he understood. This didn't mean that the problems were over though.

about eight months later I noticed The Tormented started to miss something, or someone, from her old life. When I asked her about it, she told me she missed taking care of her two younger brothers. "They were really sweet, I wish I could introduce you to them...". At that moment I realised something else, she had been here for almost a year now, and I didn't even know when her birthday was! I immediately asked her when it was. "Well, it's the thirteenth of January" She said "But why celebrate it? I mean, I won't age anymore, I'm not even alive". "But that doesn't mean we don't have to celebrate the fact that you're alive" I stated as if it was obvious. "I guess you're right about that..." She said. Our conversation quickly turned towards my past, and i must admit that she's the first one who knows how i died, not even Dayla knows how i died and became the Glass Servant...

I was a servant of a king, and that king had the worst punishments for those who disobeyed him. I was one of the unfortunate people who got punished. I was pushed into hot glass, and died by it. My soul started to possess the empty glass shell left behind, and that is how i took revenge. I strangled him.

A few weeks after our conversation i asked Dayla for a favor. I asked her to bring a child that was never born into the forest. "Why would i do that?" She asked, looking at her nails with an uninterested look. "The Tormented needs someone to take care of" I said "She needs to have someone depending on her, or she'll feel unappreciated". "And i'm supposed to care because...?" Dayla said looking me in the eyes. "Because she'll become depressed" I said "And we all know what happened the last time someone got depressed in this forest". I saw Dayla shivver at the memory, and after a quick 'deal' she had opened a portal to the world of the 'unborn'.

A few hours later I was searching for The Tormented. I was holding a baby, but unlike living children, this one wasn't breating. It was a small, male, unborn child. 'I'm sure The Tormented can take care of you' i thought while looking at the baby. Eventually i found The Tormented. She was looking at the sky. She didn't seem to have noticed me yet, which I used to observe her.

She had obviously been crying, and she had a look in her eyes that just screamed 'get me out of here, i'll go insane if i stay here any longer'. I approached her carefully, holding the baby close to my chest.

"Hey TT" I said, using the nickname she picked for herself. "Oh, it's you" The Tormented said, not looking away from the sky. "I found something" I lied "You should take a look at it". The moment she turned to look at me i felt myself freeze. She wore the most unhappy look on her face i had ever seen, and it somehow hurted me ot see her like that. Her expression soon changed, when she noticed i was holding something. "What is that?" She asked. I carefully moved closer to her and showed her the baby. Her expression changed from suprise to an adorable expressioni had never seen before. "Awwwwww" She said "It's so cute~!". "Dayla said you should take care of him" I lied again. The Tormented looked at me with an expression of shock, before she started smiling. "I'd love to take care of him" She said.

That unborn child seemed to do the trick. The Tormented seemed to be a lot more cheerfull after she started to take care of him. She visited Sir Painting a lot more and would always bring The Unborn (That's what Dayla started callnig the baby) with her, no matter where she went.

A few months later we got another new inhabitant of ouer forest, this time it was a strange creature. I still don't know what she's supposed to be, and i don't think anyone knows. She became friends with The Tormented right away, and i must admit that i became slightly jealous. The Tormented didn't spend as much time with me anymore, for now she had two friends and a baby to take care of. However, whenever we were together we did a lot of fun things. It was during one of those activites that i realised i loved her.

We were exploring the forest once again, and found a lake. "This looks like a nice place" She said. "It sure does" I replied. The Tormented laid down in the grass, and i laid down next to her. It was quiet, only a few crickets made sounds. It wasn't boring, it was....peacefull. I turned to say something to her but then i noticed she had fallen asleep. I noticed she looked really....beautiful. Her hair framed her face nicely and for the first time in months she looked calm. I wonderd it she wore the same expression when she died. But i quickly shook that thought off. Without noticing it I had leaned closer to her, to the point where our noses were almost touching. When i did realise this i quickly turned away from her. And for the first time in my life as a glass servant, i was happy it was impossible to tell if i was blushing or not.

After that realisation, i thought things would be easy. I'd just confess to her and maybe we'd end up together. Sounds easy right? Well, that's when HE Decided to enter the scene...

The Tormented started to spread rumors of a guy she had met, i think his name was Wrath or something. She said he was really mysterious, and that she would like to know more of him. I didn't think much of it at first. But then I saw the guy.

That guy can only be described with one word: dangerous. He wore a black mask which had a huge grin on it. He also wore a red hoodie (from which i had the feeling that it was originally a white hoodie) and brown pants. The first time I saw them together Tormented trew her arounds around Wrath and asked him to remove his mask. He didn't.

Why? Did he have something to hide? I do not trust him, at all.

As the days passed, Tormented started to rely on the others more to take care of the Unborn. At first it would be only once every month, but soon it would grow to a weekly thing, and a few weeks later it was almost a daily thing. No one complained about it, the unborn was loved by everyone. But i couldn't shake off the feeling that something was wrong.

It was about a year after The Tormented had started talking about Wrath, when i realised what was wrong with her. She was in love, but not with me....

That Wrath guy had stolen her away from me, before i could even tell her my feelings! I got so angry at that, that I completely isolated myself from the rest of the forest, maybe even the rest of the world!

But eventually i calmed down, which left a feeling of emptiness. Now what? I could pretent to be happy for her, but for how long would i be able to keep that up?

It was during one of our (now rare, almost extinct) times alone that i snapped. She was talking about Wrath again. "You know" She said "I think he's starting to like me back.". "Does he even know you love him?" I asked, my voice sounding strange to my own ears. "I hope so" The Tormented said with a small giggle. "Have you even seen his face?" I say, my tone more hostile than i wanted it to be. The Tormented noticed. "What's wrong?" She asked me. That question was the last straw. I got up, walked out of her house and made sure not to look back, even when i heard her call for me. 'If she truely cared for me' I thought 'She'll come after me'.

She didn't come after me that day, or even the day after that. In fact we didn't speak for three weeks. But she WAS asking around about what could have bothered me. Everyone knew i love her, yet no one told her. Which is what I asked them to do. I knew i couldn't keep avoiding her. And she knew that too, so when she showed up at my doorstep, i was forced to be comfronted by her.

"Okay" She said with a sigh "You can tell me what has been bothering you, and DON'T say nothing has been bothering you, because i know that's a lie. You're hiding something. Did Dayla say something to you? Or was it Voiceless Singer?". I was quiet, before I stood up and told her to leave. She was suprised, but didn't give up. "TELL ME WHAT'S WRONG HACKERDANGIT!" She nearly screamed. That's when i noticed that her eyes were tearing up. Was she THAT worried about me? Maybe...just maybe....

"I want to help you. You're the best friend i've ever had! You're like family to me!"

Nevermind, it was too good to be true anyways....

"Leave" I said, my voice filled with venom. She looked at me for a second before nodding and turning to leave. I made up my mind that night.

I wouldn't wait til her heart would get broken by Wrath, i would take care that she would be reborn myself.

The next few weeks passed by in a blur. I acted as if nothing was wrong. I waited for the perfect moment to put my plan into action. And that moment came sooner than expected.

I was spying on Wrath and Tormented again. Somehow Wrath had convinced Dayla to let Tormented have her own name again. She now got called Marink by Wrath, but he was the only one who called her that. As if he was special or something.

Soon, Wrath got up to leave, Tormented seemed sad that Wrath had to leave, but she understood why. Before Wrath left, he moved his mask a little and i swore that he kissed Tormented, and told her that he loved her. You'd think that this made me doubt my descision, but if anything it only made me more certain that this was the right thing to do.

Ten minutes after Wrath had left i decided to put my plan into motion. Tormented was still laying down in the grass, and wasn't suspecting a thing. So when i got out of my hiding spot and started to walk towards her, she only looked at me with a mixed look of suprise and relief. I sat down next to her, going trough every step in my plan. It wouldn't fail, it COULDN'T fail.

"Mind telling me what's wrong now?" She asked. I shrugged, i didn't need to talk, yet. After roughly ten minutes Tormented got up. So did i. "I want to show you something" I said, my voice monotone. She didn't miss out on that fact, but only nodded, as if she knew what was going to happen. I started to walk towards the direction of the edge of the forest. She followed, and occasionally tried to start a conversation. All attempts got ignored.

Eventually we reached the edge of the forest. "You know why we can't leave this forest?" I asked. "No...?" Tormented said. "It's because we'll be reborn" I said "And we ALL fear that. We don't want to lose our memories, and we do not want to be forgotten. That's the only reason why we stay here, our fear of the unknown...". "Why are you telling me this?" Tormented asked slowly backing away. "You'll see" I said, no emotion in my voice.

At that very moment time seemed to slow down. I managed to grab Tormented's upper arm, and with all the power i had collected over the years i literally trew her out of the forest.

At first, nothing seemed to happen. She just sat there, dazed and still processing what just had happened. But then i could see the panic in her eyes. She tried to get back into the forest. But mere meters away from it she collapsed from an unseen force. She started to cry out in pain, her eyes filling with tears. I could see multiple parts of her body being torn apart and vanishing, yet I couldn't feel anything besides the emptiness i've felt ever since i discovered she didn't love me. And i welcomed that feeling.

Suddenly i could see something rush past me. It was Wrath. He actually came back? why? Did he hear her cry out in pain? Even so, why would he come back for her? I didn't get it, and i still don't. He kneeled down in front of The Tormented, calling her 'Marinka' multiple times, and telling her to hold on. It wouldn't work, he couldn't save her, no one could. And somehow the emptiness i felt changed into a happy feeling.

The Tormented got reborn that very day.

After she had completely vanished, Wrath remained completely still for a moment, and in that moment i could almost say he was human.


He was sad, i could tell that much, but his sadness soon changed into something much more dangerous.

Raw, untamed, anger.

And i was the only one he could direct that anger at.

He grabbed my collar, but didn't say a thing. I got a glimpse of his face, and it was distored by rage. It made me feel happy that i caused this, and the happiness lasted even when he trew me out of the forest, even when i felt my back hit the ground and break into thousands of pieces. I was made of glass, so it was only natural that i'd break on the impact. I didn't feel pain when i started vanishing. I felt pure bliss.

Even when my vision started to blur, even after Wrath had left, even when the others found out what happened to me and Tormented, even then my last thoughts were the most important things i've thought in my whole life.

Good luck breaking your precious Marinka's heart now Wrath, you'll honestly need it.
(for those of you who do not get this, this is a genderbend!Story)


(not because i'm a slow writer, but because i had visitors over :meow:)

This might be the longest story i've ever written 8D

Wrath (c) TheComeBackWrath 
Other characters, writing, preview picture (c) Danathekitsune 
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